Thursday, January 22, 2015

First Update of 2015

In my last post – which was quite a while ago now – I wrote that I was reloading after a couple of years of not putting together a good result. It has taken some time to feel that I have made some progress, but things are looking up now.

I was rolling out a standard training week, essentially week-in, week-out in the lead in to Christmas. We had two and a half weeks off work over the Christmas break and I managed to get in two weeks of a little over 20 hrs of training for the week. It was enough to make me a little more tired than usual, but no so much that it caused my performance in each session to really suffer. My run training seemed to be a little off in terms of time vs perceived effort, but my bike was OK and swim felt better given the increased consistency. At the end of the two week break I was feeling renewed and ready to tackle my specific preparation for Port Mac.

Something that has made a big difference to how I am feeling in training has been the amount of rest that I was able to get over the Christmas break. Jo and I minimised the travel we did this year which meant there was some downtime. Instead of going in to training sessions on auto pilot wanting to just get through, I was able to think about what I was doing and be present in the session.

Having more energy to think about what I am doing has enabled me to concentrate more on what I am seeking from each session. I have re-introduced big gear strength work on the bike and have found a loop to run around at home that has a long climb on it. Hopefully I can combine these things to help rebuild my strength (which I think has been negatively impacted by my surgeries through my lower back and sciatic nerve). So far I have been able to juggle the soreness with the added training stress through intensity/load OK, but not great. My back has been giving some problems for a little while. Parenting can be a little tricky with a body that is no longer made for lifting or leaning over for extended periods of time.

I've been looking in to what warm-up races I could possibly do prior to Port and am fast running out of options. The cost of races is enough to make it a struggle to fit in to the family budget. Hopefully we’ll get something sorted. If not, the second Lake G International Triathlon will only be weeks away.


  1. Looks like it's been a while. Hard at work I hope !
    I found your blog through the inspire forum.

    I also have NF and love endurance sports. I'll find my way to a tri starting line soon enough. I got the swimming and running locked down. Just gotta get on that bike. Hey, if you are interested give my blog a looksie and we can cheer each other on !

    1. Spence - Sorry it took so long to reply. I've definitely been hard at it juggling work, family and tri training. I'll keep an eye on your blog and see how your running is tracking. Thanks for stopping by my blog.